15 October - 30 November 2015 | The Ferry Gallery

LOVE & OTHER by Tracey Moffatt

1PROJECTS in collaboration with The Ferry Gallery, Bangkok THAILAND
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LOVE & OTHER by Tracey Moffatt

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15 October - 30 November 2015
The Ferry Gallery

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by Tracey Moffatt

In 'LOVE' the subtleties of first desires to climactic scenes of impassioned dialogue and action, to betrayal, disgust and violence that have played out over the history of film are ripped from original contexts and edited into a repetitive staccato rush, regurgitating, for our entertainment, horror and critique, the stereotypical, hyperbolic trajectory of (heterosexual) love. Though this process Moffat unites the graphic punch and suggestiveness of the (movie-) still image with the satisfition of a complete movie narrative. In the end, its only a movie.

'LOVE' embodies Moffatt's desire to create that das an 'international look' and deal with 'universal predicaments'. 'LOVE' is both parody and pastiche, critical comment, and wryly humorous.

'OTHER' in one of the most mesmerising of the series as it edites together sequences of interracial encounters. It opens with first contact sequences, films in which the beach and the shallow waters are a zone of encounter between ships and canoes, between Europeans and non-Europeans. It then moves to images of looking, of two different peoples meeting for the first time and appraising each other visually. As imagined by Hollywood and TV directors, this is a moment of creiousity and desire, where glances become lingering and erotically charged.

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