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Ruangsak Anuwatwimon

RUANGSAK ANUWATWIMON, born in 1975, is a Thai contemporary artist based in Bangkok.

Ruangsak links art, science and nature. He is interested in a regeneration of the sculpture concept. His poetic and conceptual pieces often made of ashes of different animals reflects on the protagonist relationship humans have with our natural world. The artist employs diverse mediums to express his ideas and challenge the perimeters of what constitutes an artwork. His conceptual projects explore social, cultural, and moral grounds of human societies. He takes up residencies in different countries to research about the cultural and natural ecology of each place, collecting specimens to contribute to his satirical “utopian human”. His works have been shown in Ver Gallery, Cartel Artspace, Bangkok Art & Cultural Centre, Whitespace Gallery in Bangkok, at the Verbeke Foudation (Belgium), LaSalle College of Art (Singapore), He participated in “Secret Archipelago”, a joint exhibition organised by the Singapore National Heritage Board and the Palais De Tokyo in Paris where his works were shown.

Solo Exhibition:


1 - 31 Mar “Symbol & Interpretation” Comme’, Bangkok, Thailand

6 - 31 Oct “Something in My Mind” Baan Bangkok Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand


1 - 30 Jun “Drifting on Lethe” Hemlock Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

5 - 31 July “No Man’s Land” Baan Bangkok Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

9 - 30 Nov “About Insecta” 388 Café, Siam Square, Bangkok, Thailand

15 Nov -15 Oct “I’m Here” a painting installation & performance, Toh-Kim Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand


18 Jan- 17 Feb “At First & Last Memory with Honey-Blood” a video Installation, Whitespace Gallery, Siam Square, Bangkok, Thailand


7 May- 7 Jun “Ash Heart Project” GMT+7 Art & Design Gallery, Brussels, Belgium


4 Aug - 2 Sep “Wrong Activity” Gallery VER, Bangkok, Thailand


4 - 6 Oct “GOLEM” Ruangsak Anuwatwimon presented by DAVID Store, Ghent, Belgium


8 Dec, 17 - 24 Feb, 18 I’m Drowning [In the mysterious jungle all human will drowned under the power of the beasts] a mural painting, N22, Bangkok,



27 Jan - 20 Feb I wish you were here, Cartel Artspace, N22, Bangkok, Thailand


19 Jan - 17 Mar "MONSTROUS PHENOMENON" 1PROJECTS, Charoenkrung 28, Bangkok, Thailand

Group Exhibitions:


6 - 31 Apr “Metamorphosis” Glass Group Part 1, Si-am Art Space, Bangkok, Thailand

2 - 30 Nov “Proud to be Thai” Glass Group Part 2, Baan Bangkok Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

1 - 30 Nov “Hip Hop Graffiti” About Studio and About Café, Bangkok, Thailand


3 - 30 May “Sub-Destroy” 388 Café, Siam Square, Bangkok, Thailand


14 - 30 May “(Re)Write the City” an Invisible Tree Pom Mahakal, Bangkok, Thailand


25 Mar - 21 Apr “REVENGE” Meetkunst /Perseverance an exhibition, Godshuis organized by DAVID – vzw, Sint-Laureins, Belgium


3 Feb - 30 Jun “Fake Mountain” a site-specific installation, Compeung creativity village, Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2 Jun - 28 Oct “Ash Heart Project” VIT<A>RTI Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke, Belgium


5 Apr- 3 May “White Noise” 1 Year Anniversary, Whitespace Gallery, Siam Square, Bangkok, Thailand


22 Jan- 23 Feb “Ghost Theory: Where’re you?” Whitespace Gallery, Siam Square, Bangkok, Thailand


15 May - 15 Jun “My Urn...or......Your urn” Mini Matters, N gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

6 - 30 Nov “Alone in Context” Minimal Art Gallery, Chiang Mai, Thailand

9 July - 9 Aug “Proxy (ช้ำใน) Chapter II”, Hocus – Pocus concept, Chatroom, RCA, Bangkok, Thailand

11 Dec - 6 Jan, 11 “Within These Walls” Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC), Bangkok, Thailand


30 Jan - 6 Mar “Dialogues” Thai and Belgian an exhibition, BACC Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC), Bangkok,Thailand

23 Apr - 29 May “As Man Eat Through His Forest” BKK Art House, Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC), Bangkok, Thailand

14 Aug - 10 Sep “I AM HURT, art as a mirror of the soul” organized by DAVID – vzw, Jan Colle Gallery, Ghent, Belgium


10 Jan - 7 Feb “CUT THRU: A View on 21st Century Thai Art”, LASALLE Collage of the Art, Singapore

18 Aug- 9 Sep “Revisiting the Visions” Studio Miu Art, Bangkok, Thailand

6 Sep - 4 Nov “Thai Trend from Localism to Internationalism” Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC), Bangkok, Thailand

20 Dec - 23 Dec “dada...simple comme bonjour” DAVID Store, Ghent, Belgium


11 - 13 Oct “Conversation with a Stranger” Hotel le Berger, Brussels, Belgium


19 Jan - 19 Mar “Do we learn something from this yet?” Quality Secondhand Art 2013: Re- creation Temporary organized by Gallery VER, Bangkok, Thailand

23 - 25 May Hotel Art Fair: Luxx Hotel Bangkok, Thailand

19 - 21 Dec “C.C.D. Rhythm” a site-specific installation, Wonderfruit Festival: Live Love Wonder, Pattaya, Thailand


26 Mar - 17 May “GOLEM” an exhibition: Secret Archipelago organized by National Heritage Board Singapore and Palais de Tokyo, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France

3 - 20 April “Lucida” Speedy Grandma art gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

15 Nov, 15 - 31 Mar, 16 “Ash Heart Project” an OBJET OBLIGE exhibition, Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke, Belgium


21 April - 31 May “Notopia” Gallery VER, Bangkok, Thailand

5 Aug - 23 Sep “(In)territories/Rituals” Tars Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

13 Oct - 13 Nov “Paradox Legendary” The Ratchaprasong ART MAZE Urban by Nature Bangkok, Thailand


19 July, 17 - 14 Feb, 18 “No Place Like Home” an exhibition PATANI SEMASA, MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum, Chaingmai, Thailand

10 Aug - 12 Sep “Do we learn something from this yet?” EARTH WATER FOREST AIR: The Royal Inspiration, Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC), Thailand


16 - 28 Jan “Right to Clean Air” an Art Exhibition organized by Greenpeace Southeast Asia, Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC),Thailand



19 Oct - 22 Nov “Untitled” A Ghost Theory exhibition, Angkrit Gallery, Chiang Rai, Thailand

21 Feb - 22 March “Dilemma Association” an exhibition 100% Shark, WTF café & gallery, Bangkok, Thailand



18 - 28 May Matin uit den Bogaard’s house (for VI<A>RTI project)


22 Sep - 22 Oct “Conversation with Stranger project” Nadine Art Center residency program, Brussels, Belgium


3 -17 Feb Self-Organize Art Lab OVA residency program, Yokohama, Japan


6 Oct - 6 Dec Verbeke Foundation residency program, Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke, Belgium

Ruangsak Anuwatwimon

Ruangsak Anuwatwimon

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