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Justin Lee

Justin Lee Chee Kong

Singapore, b1963

About the Artist:

Justin Lee was awarded Mont Blanc Young Artist World Patronage Project 2006, Hamburg, German. He was also awarded the Lasalle Scholarship (Master of Fine Art), NAFA Scholarship for his BA degree course in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore in 2005 and the National Art Council, Georgette-Chen Arts Scholarship for his Diploma in Fine Arts from the Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts, Singapore which he completed in 1999. In 2000, he was selected to complete a 6-months intensive training programme at the Tyler Print Workshop in New York, under Mr. Ken Tyler’s supervision. He returns and worked as an apprentice with the Singapore Tyler Institute for two years.

Justin has also participle in several exhibitions in Singapore and his first solo art exhibition “Double Happiness, a Fantasy in Red” (2003) and second solo “Toy Nation” (2003). His 3rd Solo Exhibited at Esplanade Tunnel, and level 3 Community Wall (April/July2005), and also has been invited to participate in the Singapore Art Festival in Japan (24 July 05, Aoyama kottou douri, Tokyo), Gwang Ju National Museum and Okgwa Museum in Korea, “6th Culture and Art Festival of Songzhuang” in Beijing, Bangkok (BACC), Taipei- Taiwan, “CausewayEXchange-2011” in Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia and current works “Art Garden” at Singapore Art Museum-2011 & 2012, Singapore National Museum and “Life after Death” at Asia Civilizations Museum, Singapore (2011) and Japan “Itoshima Arts Farm” (2012). His up current experimental short video work is show casing in Singapore Art Museum, Panorama: Recent Art from Contemporary Asia, starting now till 25 December 2012.

Justin Lee series of works bring a different understanding of today’s Singapore society and lifestyle with a blend of east and west cultures. Justin also seeks to record everyday lifestyle into visual art based on his cultural, and its surrounding by doubting questions appearances. He believes that art play an important part in helping people to grow and to see the important role play and awareness of themselves. His current works reflect on how text influences and controls the users in our daily lifestyle. His works also reflect on words and images from the mass media like signage, billboards and consumer products which control our thoughts and expression.


2015 –2016 Master in Fine Art, Lasalle College of the Arts-Singapore/Goldsmiths, University of London

2005 – 2006 Bachelor of Arts, University of Huddersfield, UK. (BA degree in Painting)- Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore

2000 – 2002 Internship for Singapore Tyler Print Institute, Singapore-Tyler Graphic Limited – Mt Kisco, New York

1996 – 1999 Diploma in Fine Art, Lasalle-SIA, College of the Arts (Painting)-Singapore (RMIT, Australia)


2012/2014 Part-time lecturer at Lasalle College of the Art, Singapore

2013-2015 Artist Mentorship Scheme-NAC/STAR

2013 External assessor for Lassalle College of the Art BA program

Mar 2014 Artist in residency with Studio Kura, Fukuoka-Japan

June 2013 Artist in residency with Youkobo Tokyo-Japan

Oct 2012 Esplanade Community workshop for ADWF 2012

Sept 2012 Art Community Project- Silver Arts Weekend – Activity Stations

March 2012 Art Community Project with Singapore Senior Activity Centre

Jan 2012 Artist in residency with Studio Kura, Fukuoka-Japan

April 2011 First Day Cover-Stamp-EDB 50th Anniversary 2011

April 2011 Artist in residency with Singapore Association of Mental Health

May 2010 Volunteer art instructor – “Youth Reach”-Singapore Association of Mental Health

Nov 2008 Korea Kaywon Art and Design Symposium

2001-2002 Internship for Singapore Tyler Print Institute, New York-Singapore

2000 Selected and successfully completed 6 months intensive training programmed at the Tyler Print Workshop in Mount Kisco, New York, supervised by Ken Tyler.

1995-1999 Graphic/Visual Designer, Singapore Productivity Board.

1990-1995 Graphic Designer, Singapore Yellow Pages.

1981-1988 Aircraft Engineering, Singapore Air Force


2015 -Lasalle Scholarship –Master of Fine Art

2007-Mont Blanc Young Artist World Patronage Project 2007, Hamburg, German

2006-Nominee for President’s Design Award: Singapore Design of the Year

2006-NAFA 68th Founder’s Day Commendation Award 2006, Singapore

2005-Singapore Motorola Style Awards 2005” Visual Arts Award Winner 2005

2005-Philip Morris Singapore Art Awards, Highly Recommended Award2005

2005-NAFA Scholarship (BA Degree Studies), Singapore2003

2005-UOB Painting of the year, Highly Recommended Award, Singapore1998

2003-Urban Art Competition, Letter of Commendation (Parco), Singapore

1998/1999-Georgette Chen Arts Scholarship (Diploma Studies) Singapore


2019 “Small Singapore Show 2.0: TaiSing Conversation” Supernormal Gallery, Singapore

2018 “Game of Life” Installation Art, Esplanade Concourse, Singapore

2018 “Small Singapore Show 2.0” Open Contemporary Art Center, Taipei Taiwan

2018 TAV “Portraiture” MOX-Banksy Gallery-Singapore

2018 “In the Mood of Serenity” Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre-Hong Kong

2018 TAV “Still Life” Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts-Singapore

2017 “Meta-graphy” MEME Art Space, Taipei-Taiwan

2017 “The Circle of Life” Japan Creative Centre, Singapore

2017 “They used to be my playground” Studio Kura, Itoshima, Fukuoka, Japan

2017 Field Trip Project Asia: Departure Edition-group artists’ exhibition–Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

2017 ‘IN-Visible’ group artist exhibition-ION Gallery, Singapore

2016 ‘South by Southeast’ 5 group artists exhibition-Yibo Gallery, Shanghai China

2016 ‘Different Light’ 4 group artists’ exhibition-Unipon2kau2 art project space, Osaka-Japan

2016 ‘And the rest of such things’ Lassalle MA Show 2016-Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore

2016 Parabiosis: International Contemporary Art Exhibition 2016-

Chongqing Contemporary Art Museum, Chongqing, China

2015 Art Now Live Tour-2: Group Traveling Show, Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, China

2015 Sweet Spot: Lassalle Master Work in Progress Show Brother Joseph McNally Gallery, Singapore

2015 Synthesis: Group Show, Northart Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand

2015 Echo: Inside Out-Group Show, Lasalle and Central Academy of Fine Art-Beijing

Nov 2014 The Third Print–Total Museum of Contemporary Art –Korea Seoul

Oct 2014 Weaving Viewpoint– Partner Program of Korea Festival 2014 –Space Cottonseeds, Singapore

Aug 2014 Field Trip Project Asia-Shinjuku Creators Fiesta 2014, Japan-Tokyo

June 2014 “HOME”- Art community installation- Tampines Community Park, Singapore

May 2014 “Our Childhood-Come and Play”- Art installation- National Museum Singapore

Mar 2014 “iLight Marina Bay”- Asia Sustainable Light Art Festival 2014-Art Science Museum, Singapore

Mar 2014 “30 Life stories-Remembering Parks”-2014- SingaPlural Celebrating Design 2014Festival, Singapore

Feb 2014 “Project 6581- Parallel Perception and Counter Connection”-Japan Creative Centre, Singapore

Jan 2014 Art Stage Singapore-2014- Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore

Aug 2013 NAFA 75 Anniversary show- “Made in Singapore”-Nanyang Academy of Fine Art, Singapore

July 2013 2 Artists residency art show “Robotic Love”-Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo Japan

July 2013 “CausewayEXchange-2013” group show-Penang, Malaysia

April 2013 Big SMALL show-group show-Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore

Jan 2013 Art Stage Singapore-Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore

Nov 2012 8th Solo Exhibition “Ten Years of Art and Craft”- Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore

Nov 2012 Every Thing Matters:-Singapore Association for Mental Health Community Art Exhibition- Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

Oct 2012 Singapore International Foundation’s (SIF) Diverse City –Singapore Art Museum-8Q, Singapore

Sep 2012 Rover Artist, Performance art-Night Festival 2012- Substation, Singapore

July 2012 7th Solo Exhibition “The Paper Ball” photography and installation-Esplanade Tunnel, Singapore

May 2012 “Art Garden” –The Art of Imagination- Children Season 2012-Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

May 2012 “Roots” group exhibition-National Library Board, Singapore

May 2012 “Itoshima Arts Farm 2012”- Itoshima, Fukuoka, Japan

April 2012 “Buy Bye” 6 artists’ group exhibition,-Vue Piree gallery, Singapore

Mar 2012 “Roots” group exhibition- Old School-2902, Singapore

Mar 2012 “Sense” Residency Art Show – Studio Kura- Itoshima, Fukuoka, Japan

Nov 2011 “Affordable Art” Art Fair Singapore-F1Pit Building, Singapore

Nov 2011 “Replay” 4 artists’ group show- Art installation-Alliance Française, Singapore

Nov 2011 “Now you see it, now you __” group show-Volvo Showroom Loft, Singapore

Oct 2011 Art Seasons 10 Anniversary group show-Art Seasons, Singapore

Oct 2011 INSTINC Square Invasion-group show- Instinc, Singapore

July 2011 “CausewayEXchange-2011” group show-Art installation- KLPAC-Kuala Lumpur Performance Art Centre, Malaysia

June 2011 “Life After Death” Art installation-Asia Civilizations Museum, Singapore

June 2011 “Art Garden” – Mummy Dearest- Children Season 2011–Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

May 2011 “Apad’s 37th Art Exhibition” Contemporary 2011-National Library Building, Singapore

May 2011 “Hungry For More” Utterly Art 10 anniversary group show- Ion Art Gallery, Ion Orchard, Singapore

March 2011 “Wok of Life” group installation show- Your Mother Gallery, Singapore

Jan 2011 “Asia Pulse, 10+1Art Tactic-2011”-Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Thailand, Bangkok.

Jan 2011 “Now Boarding” – Southeast Asian works- Group exhibition. Gift Art, Singapore

Nov 2010 “Affordable Art” Art Fair Singapore-F1Pit Building, Singapore

Nov 2010 “Geisai#02” Huashan Creative Park-台北-华山文化园 Taiwan, Taipei

Jan 2011 “Asia Pulse, 10+1Art Tactic-2011”-Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Thailand, Bangkok.

July 2010 “2010 Asia Contemporary Art / Now & Next” Group exhibition,-Gwang Ju National Museum, Korea

July 2010 “2010 Asia Contemporary Art / Space & Imagination” Group exhibition,-Okgwa Museum , Korea

May 2010 “Technicolour Japan” 5 artists’ group exhibition -Vue Piree gallery, Singapore

May 2010 “No Conical Hats” – Southeast Asian works on Paper-Group exhibition. Gift Art, Singapore

Mar 2010 MaGMA’s, Group exhibition-Opera gallery, Ion Singapore

Oct 2009 National Museum Singapore, Lost in the City

Mar 2009 “Geisai#12” Big Sight, Tokyo Japan Group show

Nov 2008 “Show Time” Group Exhibition -AFC Studio, 21 Trade hub, Singapore

Nov 2008 “1X1X1”, Group Exhibition, Fost Gallery Singapore

July 2008 6th Solo Exhibition “Beijing goes West”, (个人画展)-Utterly Art Exhibition Space, Singapore

June 2008 “East meets West” An art installation, Wheelock Gallery, Singapore

Feb 2008 “6” A Group Exhibition by 6 artists, Forth Gallery Singapore

Nov 2007 “1X1X1”, Group Exhibition, Fost Gallery Singapore

Sept 2007 27th Annual Print Making Show “Untitled” by Printmaking Society Singapore-Utterly Art Exhibition Space, Singapore

Jun 2007 5th Solo Exhibition “Happy Nation”, (个人画展)-Utterly Art Exhibition Space, Singapore

May 2007 “Memories and Mementoes” 2 pop artist show, Justin and Dyn-Level 5, Marina Mandarin Hotel Singapore

Mar 2007 “Happiness in Red” Art installation,-The Centre Point Re-Launch, Orchard Singapore

Nov 2006 “Pure Reward, a sprit of giving” Christmas Art installation-Art Event at Bangkok Gaysorn Plaza, Thailand

Sep 2006 Group Show “Read Me, See Me, Feel Me” Art installation-Art and Cultural Event at Singapore Management University (SMU), Singapore

Aug 2006 Group Show, “Made-In Singapore”, -Art Season Gallery, Singapore

Aug 2006 “SAMA” An Art Event of Indignation 2006 at 72-13, Singapore

June 2006 “I CAN” Installation art at Singapore General Hospital, Fountain Garden

May 2006 BA degree show, Solo exhibition and performance art-Nanyang Academy of Fine Art, Singapore (个人画展)

April 2006 “BODMOD” A Group Photographic Exhibition on Body Art, Utterly Art Singapore

April 2006 “Superstitions” BA degree open studio-Nanyang Academy of Fine Art, Gallery 2, Singapore

Mar 2006 “Adicolour” Charity Auction by Times Budding Artist Fund and Adidas-Raffles city, Singapore

Mar 2006 “Super-StyleMix” Design and Art exhibition by Asia Style-Red Dot Design Museum, gallery space, Singapore

Feb 2006 “Travelogue” Art exhibition by NAFA BA/MA degree students-Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, gallery 2, Singapore

Jan 2006 “Made 2 Order” by 7 artists, support by National Art Council Singapore Art House

Dec 2005 “Street Style Awards 2005” by Motorola, Visual Arts Award Winner-Zouk Discotheque

Oct 2005 Philip Morris Painting Competition Exhibition-Nayang Academy of Fine Art, Gallery 2 and 3

Oct 2005 “Sweet and Sour Pop” by 2 artists, Singaporean Justin Lee, and Thai Chanon, -Utterly Art Exhibition Space, Singapore

Sept 2005 Txtrapolis- Contemporary Text-Based Art from Singapore -Nayang Academy of Fine Art, Gallery 2

Aug 2005 “Absolut Celebration @ Tangs” an installation work for Singapore National Day 2005, supported by Absolut and Tangs

July 2005 “Singapore Art Festival” in Ebisu Shibuyaku, Tokyo, Japan-Group Exhibition, supported by STB and DBS

June 2005 “I-Forum Exhibition” Art Concept Floor launch at Ngee Ann City, 5th level – Art installation by 12 local artists

April 2005 “Our People, Our Lifestyle” (个人画展)

- 3rd Solo Exhibition on prints, paintings and installations - Esplanade Tunnel and Level 3 community wall

Feb 2005 “Celebrities Portraits with Artist” Exhibition of 12 local artist works TV12 Art Central, Television Cooperation,-Charity auction for AFA-Wisma Atrium Level 1

Feb 2005 “M9” a local group of 9 male artists exhibition-Art Season Gallery, Singapore

Jan 2005 “Replay” a launch of Justin Lee first catalogueCharity for AFA cum mini exhibition show 37 the Pub, Singapore

Oct 2004 “Blink” a local group artist exhibitionSingapore Art Museum

Sept 2004 “Autumn Festival” – Artist Lantern Making-Esplanade Singapore

Aug 2004 “Things in the Dark” a local group artist exhibition - Action for Aids, Singapore

July 2004 “Erotica” a local group artist exhibition-Art Season Gallery, Singapore

July 2004 “White+Red=Pink” A local group artist exhibition -Utterly Art Exhibition Space, Singapore

June 2004 “Reconstructions of a City”, A vision and illusions exhibitionA group exhibition of site specific installation artworks – TP21, Tanjong Pagar / Power House, Singapore

May 2004 “Asian Pop” An Asian group artist exhibition.-Art Season Gallery, Singapore

Feb 2004 “Made In Singapore” A local group artist exhibition-Art Season Gallery, Singapore

Jan 2004 Chinese Lunar New Year “Pillars of Harmony”,-Singapore Esplanade, Concourse level 2.

Nov 2003 2nd Solo Exhibition “Toy Nation”, (个人画展)-Utterly Art Exhibition Space, Singapore

August 03 “Big Small Show” A local and foreign group exhibition -Art Season Gallery, Singapore

April 2003 “New Finds” Singapore annual gallery show, duo exhibition.


Mar 2014 Good Morning Singapore on “iLight Marina Bay”-Channel 8, Television Cooperation Singapore

July 2012 Good Morning Singapore on “Art Garden”-Channel 8, Television Cooperation Singapore

April 2012 “Knockout-100th episode celebration”-Channel Okto, Television Cooperation Singapore

June 2011 “Knockout” (12th episode-)-Channel Okto, Television Cooperation Singapore

April 2011 “Watch This Space” (4th episode-Feed me, please)-Channel Okto, Television Cooperation Singapore

Jan 2011 Asean Contemporary Art Exhibition, 29 Jan 2011-Asean Highlights 29 Jan 2011, Cable Television Thailand, Bangkok

May 2009 Colour Maestro 新色采師 (3rd episode)-Channel U, Television Cooperation Singapore


July 2008 “Olympic in Beijing” Focus- channel 8. A program about artist’s ideas o

-Based on the theme Olympic

June 2006 “My Big Fat Ideas” An art program about artist’s ideas in all discipline

March 2006 “Shopping King and Queen”- Interviewing artist on mural painting in-Majestic Hotel, Singapore-Channel 8, Television Cooperation Singapore

August 2005 “National Day Previews”- Absolut Bottle,-Interviewing artist about Street art in Singapore-Asia Channel News, Television Cooperation Singapore

Dec 2004 “Celebrities Portraits with Artist”-12 local artists and 4 celebrities-TV12 Art Central, Television Cooperation Singapore

Aug 2004 “Good Morning Singapore”- Artist interview – Lantern Making- Channel 8, Television Cooperation Singapore

July 2003 “E-TV Series”- Interviewing artist about group show in PKW.-E-TV, Channel 8, Television Cooperation Singapore

April 2003 “Pop Art Series”- Interviewing artist about pop art in Singapore.-Art Nation, Central channel, Television Cooperation Singapore


2014 Strait Times-Singapore, “iLight Marina Bay”

2013 SA-Singapore Architect (issue 273)

2013 HOME- art décor, Singapore (issue 6)

2012 Today Paper-Singapore, “Beyond Pop”

2012 Singapore TATLER, Life-“Artist in Residency”

2012 Strait Times-Singapore, “Art Garden-2012”

2011 The Business Times-Singapore, Arts, “EDB gets stamp of art approval”

2011 The New Paper-Singapore, “Performance Art”

2011 Strait Times-Singapore, “General New March”

2008 Time Out Singapore, Artist on Pop Art.

2007 The Business Times, Arts, “Creative union of commercial and fine art”

2006 SA, Singapore Architect, Majestic Hotel, October 2006

2006 Style Men Singapore, Men profile, Pop fantasies, April 2006

2006 Catalog Singapore, Street Smart, Street Style Visual Arts Award, April

Justin Lee

Justin Lee

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