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Kata Sangkhae

Born 1976, Thailand, he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts from the School of Fine and Applied Arts, Bangkok University, Thailand, before continuing his studies in the Master’s Degree in the Sculpture Area at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), USA. Kata achieved his PhD from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT), Australia. He is currently a professor at Bangkok University. In his role as a contemporary artist, he has created works relating to identity, urbanization, tourism, cultural environments, and socio-political issues stemming from changing places and locations. Media the artist uses include a variety of presentations, including installations, video works, and sculptures. Kata’s works were previously exhibited in solo shows at VER Gallery, Kathmandu Photo Gallery and Bangkok University Gallery in Thailand. The artist also participated in the inaugural Bangkok Art Biennale 2018. Notable group exhibitions include shows at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC), 100 Tonson Gallery and Tadu Contemporary Art Gallery. Overseas participation includes exhibitions in Austria, South Korea, Australia, China, Luxembourg, Nepal, Singapore, and the USA (L.A.).


Bangkok University, Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts, 1998

University of California in Los Angeles, Master of Fine Arts, 2002

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Doctor of Philosophy, 2016


1999 - present Art instructor at School of Fine and Applied Arts, Bangkok University, Thailand

2008 Guess Speaker for the leadership workshop on Climate Leaders by The British Council & ASEF

2006 Visiting instructor, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Finland

2002 Visiting instructor, The Communication Design Program, a bachelor of fine art degree of Vjiravudh College and Milwaukee Institute

of Art & Design, USA

2001 - 2002 Teaching Assistant, University of California, Los Angeles, USA


2006 - 2011 Chairperson, Bangkok University Gallery

2007 - 2009 Jury of the Young Artist of Thailand, by ROSL

Honors & Awards

2012 Doctor of Philosophy Scholarship by Bangkok University

2002 The D’ Arcy Hayman Award

2000 Master of Fine Arts scholarship by Bangkok University

1998 (The prize), “The New Expression in Thai Contemporary Art” The collaboration between a group of Japanese artists and the

Department of art Theory, Silpakorn University, The gallery of the Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Bangkok

Solo Exhibitions

2019 “Unloveable” 1PROJECTS Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2018 “Our Sun Shine” Ver Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

“Narrative of Monuments” Kathmandu Photo Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2015 “Who Are We?” Dark Horse Gallery, Melbourne

2010 “Ghost Identity” Koi Art Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2004 “Everest” About Studio/ About Café, Bangkok, Thailand

2000 “You are here” Bangkok University Art gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

1999 “Water room project” Wong Wien 22, Bangkok, Thailand

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 “Transition” Lightscape, curated by Wilson Yeung, RMIT University, Australia

2018 “Bangkok Art Biennale 2018” curated by Prof.Dr. Apinan Poshyananda

“In the Kingdom, 140th Anniversary of B.Grimm” curated by Somsuda Piamsumrit, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC), Bangkok

“Thai Message” N22, Bangkok, Thailand

“No Man’s Land” curated by Lyla Phimanrat, The Jam Factory, Bangkok, Thailand

“Silent Shout” collaborates with Pornruedee Cherry Boonyapan, Galerie Cbijoux, Vienna, Austria

2017 “Silent No More: Holy Holes” curated by Lyla Phimanrat , Many Cuts Art Space, Chachoengsao, Thailand

“Jeonnam International Samuk Biennale”, “ Dead Sea Scrolls”, curated by Hyunju Song, Seoul, South Korea

“Vienna Jewellry Days” “ Silent Shout” collaborates with Pornruedee Cherry Boonyapan, Vienna, Austria

2014 “Superfiction” curated by Peter Hill, RMIT Project Space, Melbourne, Australia

“Chaos”, Dark Horse Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2013 Hua Krathi project, curated by Rushdi Anwar and, Melanie Jaynie

Taylor and Shukit Panmongkol at Screen Space and Federation Square, Melbourne

2012 “Thai Trends” Curated by Gridthiya Gaweewong, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, (BACC), Bangkok, Thailand

2011 “KFTA (Kata Free Trade Area)” Curated by Patrick Storey, Earl Lu Gallery, LaSalle College of the Arts, Singapore

“City_net Asia 2011” Curated by Gridthiya Gaweewong, Seoul Museum of Art, Korea

“Bangkok Reprise” Curated by Brian Curtin, Chulalongkorn Art Centre, Bangkok, Thailand

2010 “Living Room” 100 Tonson Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand “School of Bangkok” Bangkok University Gallery, Bangkok, Thaiand “As yet

unnamed” Taipei Art Village, Taiwan “Imagine Peace” Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, (BACC), Bangkok “Moved, Mutated and Disturbed Identities” DDM Warehouse/Luxembourg Pavilion of the Shanghai World Expo 2010, China

“Sawasdee girl” SOS, Bangkok University Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

“/Bangkok/” Curated by Brian Curtin, DOB Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2009 “Please take me home” Safe Place in the Future, Ver Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

“Dear Luxembourg” 7th Asia-Europe Art Camp – Art Workshop for Visual

Arts 2009, Casino Luxembourg & Asia Europe Foundation, Luxembourg

2008 - 2009 “Bangkok 226” Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC), Bangkok, Thailand

2008 “As yet Unnamed Project” About Cafe, Bangkok, Thailand2007 “Traitorous” School of Bangkok: who and where are we in this

contemporary era Exhibition, Bangkok University Gallery, Bangkok

2006 “Boundary”, “School of Bangkok”, Tadu Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

“Melting Place” Bangkok University Gallery (new space), Bangkok (curated by Ark Frongsmut)

“Red man swimming II and Little Kata” , “Tout a Fait Thai 2006” Centre George Pompidou, Paris, France

2005 “Your map, it’s not mine”, “[Re] write the city, Bangkok, Thailand

2004 “Untitled” The International Artist Workshop ,Organized by Sutra, Bhaktapur, Nepal

“Here and Now “ About Studio/ About Café, Bangkok (curated by Natalie Bouton)

“VS” OH! Exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand

Flying Circus Project by Theatreworks, Singapore

2002 - 2003 “Present Perfect” The Bhirasri Institute of Modern Art, Bangkok 2002 : “ Thesis one”, The New White Gallery, Dickson Art Plaza,

University of California, Los Angeles, USA

2000 “PararellWorld” Project 304, Alliancaise International Art Center & Plastique Kinetic Worm (Singapore), Bangkok

“Redman swimming II”, “Useby : asia pacific artists initiatie Project”, Center of Contemporary Photography, Gertrude Street Melbourne,

Australia, Curated by Sarah Tutton & Tessa Dwyer

“Dream of boat”, “L’Art Dans Le Monde 2000”, Culee du pont Alecandre, Paris. Organized by the Beaux Arts Magazine & BangMagazine

“Where are you”, “This is”, Bangkok University Art Gallery, Bangkok

1999 “As yet unnamed, not yet in progress” , Project 304, Bangkok : “First” Photography Bar, Pomprab, Bangkok

“Salon show” Project 304 (new space),Bangkok

“FAB”, National Gallery and Bangkok University Art Gallery, Bangkok

“Redman swimming II”, “Cities on the move 6”, Chao- Pra-Ya river and Tadu Gallery, Bangkok

1998 “Classroom” various school, Bangkok

“Grounding”Photographs by emerging artists,curated by Chitti Kasemkitvatana,About studio, Bangkok

“Witches Stuff” curated by Montein Boonma , Project 304, Bangkok : “Grounding II”, About Cafe, Bangkok

“Book” Old Kurusapha Publishing Building , Bangkok

“The New Expression in Thai Contemporary Art The collaboration between a group of Japanese artists and the

Department of art Theory, Silpakorn University, The gallery of the Faculty of Painting,Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Bangkok

“City on The Move” a collaborative project with Chitti Kasemkitvatana and Panu Boonpiputtanapong, curated by Hou Hanru and Hans-

Ulrich Obrist , P.S.1, New York, USA

“Ta-lad-nad-sil-la-pin” Anniversary 25 years 14 October, (Project 304), Sa-nam-luang, Bangkok

“Kidthung” Wan-Ngam-Thee-Sam-Prang, Talapat Sugsa School, Bangkok

Kata Sangkhae

Kata Sangkhae

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