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Phayao Photography Biennale 2021-2022

Phayao Photography Biennale 2021-2022 Curate by 𝗔𝗥𝗧𝗖𝗔𝗗𝗘 & Sophirat Muangkum 20 November 2021 - 30 January 2022 at AR(T)CADE & various venues in Phayao Invisible Voice”

In these days that many people spend times for thinking and talking with themselves, the phrase “ wearing mask to face others ( literally means “pretend to be good”) can’t be longer known as an idiom. Even though accepted as the component of idiom, the term “mask” should not be negatively interpreted since it will be innocently worn whenever we are considerate , afraid of something , shaped by the social norms and distinct circumstance.

As a result of being shaped or framed in the world of reality and indeed desirable, we are able to hear the whispering of “invisible sound” that tell us to do something and to crave for the world of imagination. Result of this matter can be varied.

This is similar to the German idiom of “Vögel im Kopf” (bird sound in the head) that can be heard whenever we experience somebody’s unreasonable behavior. On the other hand, this means “ will the sound in everyone’s head be intentionally listened?”.

Perhaps, the unreasonable behavior is judged and interpreted by others without their understanding.

Invisible Voice is the photography exhibition portraying the crave of artists in hearing their own voice and presenting it into their photograph , the artworks written by light.

Sophirat Muangkham

Invited Curator

(*Translated by Chaturayut Promnil)

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